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  • Product name: Red Clover Extract
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English Name: Red Clover P.E.
Latin Name:Trifolium Pratense L
Plant Description: Red clover, also called as: Beebread; Cow clover; Cow grass; Meadow clover; Purple clover; Trifolium pratense, is a perennial herb that commonly grows wild in meadows throughout Europe and Asia, and has now been naturalized to grow in all of the word. The red flowers at the end of the branched stems are usually dried for therapeutic use.
Use part:Stem, leaf, and flower
Specification.: Total Assay Isoflavones: 8%
Test method: HPLC
Physical and Chemical Properties: The main content is Isoflavones. It includes Abiochanin A, Formononetin, Daidzein, Genistein and so on.
CAS NO: Abiochanin A:491-80-5 Daidzein: 486-66-8 Genistein: 446-72-0 Formononetin: 485-72-3

  Formononetin (C15H12O4=268.27)
  Abiochanin A(C15H12O5=284.27)

Standard of quality:

Item Specification Test Result
Assay(Total Isoflavones)HPLC ≥8%
Description Green brown or black brown fine powder Conformed
Mesh Size 100%pass 60-80mesh Conformed
Ash Content ≤5.0% Conformed
Loss on Drying ≤5.0% Conformed
Heavy Metal ≤10ppm Conformed
 (Pb) ≤2ppm Conformed
 (As) ≤2ppm Conformed
Residue of Pesticide Negative Negative
Total Plate Count ≤1000cfu/g Conformed
Yeast &Mold ≤100cfu/g Conformed
E.coil Negative Negative
Salmonella Negative Negative

Action:Red Clover acts as an antibiotic, appetite suppressant, blood purifier/depurative and relaxant. Good for bacterial infections, inflamed lungs, inflammatory bowel disorders, kidney problems, liver disease, skin disorders and weakened immune system. Red Clover has been shown to have efficacy for respiratory system infections。Its active ingredient isoflavones has plant estrogen-like effect, these ingredients for the prevention of breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, osteoporosis and improve women’s menopausal symptoms. More widely used to Clinical, and natural health food products.
Storage:Store in cool &dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat.
Shelf life:2 years when properly stored.
Packing:Double plastic bag of foodstuff inside, cardboard drum outside, (25kg/drum).

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